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360° Redemption Solutions


In business over 30 years, BMI Merchandise brings the experience necessary for the best possible redemption merchandising solutions.  BMI's proprietary Automated Merchandise Replenishment System (AMRS) encompasses the design, planning, installation and fulfillment of redemption merchandise.

AMRS incorporates state-of-the-art plan-o-gram technology with seamless merchandise analytics.

To learn more about AMRS, watch the video below:


Working with you, BMI's design team uses your redemption area's dimensions to create digital plan-o-grams designed to your location specifications. BMI then lays out merchandise within these designs to depict an exact feel of your finished redemption area, showing item placement and bin arrangement. BMI's design team also includes your existing merchandise into the new plan-o-gram so you know exactly how all the prizes are to appear on every wall and counter.

AMRS introduces a top notch Inventory Management system. Par levels are created and maintained for each location based on relevant sales data. All merchandise comes bar-coded and tagged with Point Value and other vital tracking information.  AMRS also makes adding new items seamless with automated planned item introductions. AMRS also eliminates the need to hand count bin items! That's right, AMRS can accurately tally merchandise inventory based on weight.

AMRS locations receive product replacements on a just-in-time basis, with items and quantities directly based on inventory, minimum expense, and the best possible product line-up.  AMRS is a cost efficient strategy that ensures prize centers are in-stock, but never over-stocked.



AMRS members are privy to their very own website portal. Once logged in, a locations personnel will have access to important information such as:

  • Digital Weekly Updated Plan-o-grams, showing where every item is to be placed, taking inevitable human error out of the merchandising process. 
  • Past order history and detailed account orders (photos, description, pricing & ticket values).
  • Custom reports based on any number of several details (item, point value, dollar sold, category, top sellers)
  • Access to Accounting and Reporting tools.
  • Shipment tracking & more!