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Industry Trade Shows

The International Association of Amusement Parks and
Attractions (IAAPA) is the largest international
trade association for permanently situated amusement
facilities worldwide.

Contact: (407) 692-9711 | Visit Website

The American Amusement Machine Association is an
international non-profit trade organization representing
the manufacturers, distributors, and part suppliers
of the coin-operated amusement industry.

Sales: (847) 290-9088 | Visit Website


International Bowl Expo (IBE) is the bowling industry's
premier annual convention and trade show featuring
exhibits of a wide array of products and services.
IBE also presents interactive seminars and "how-to" workshops.

Contact: (888) 649-5585 | Visit Website

The association is poised to grow quickly as more
and more indoor trampoline parks are opening world-
wide and existing entertainment facilities add
trampoline courts into their mix of attractions

Contact: (717) 910-4534 | Visit Website


Point Of Sale (POS) Systems

Intercard, Inc. designs and implements
Cash Management and Marketing System
Solutions for the amusement and
entertainment industries.

Sales: (314) 275-8066 | 
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Embed is a worldwide supplier
of revenue management systems for
the amusement, gaming, entertainment
and leisure industries. 

Sales: (866) 440-1212 |
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Sacoa is the leading worldwide supplier of
revenue management systems for the amusement,
entertainment and leisure industries with more
than 1400 installations in more than 60 countries.

Sales: (214) 256-3965 | Visit Website

CORE Cashless is a leading provider of cashless
payment systems for the amusement and recreation
industries. And their solutions can be found in some
of the worlds leading venues.

Sales: (913) 529-8200 | Visit Website


Take your facility to a new level of efficiency
with CenterEdge Advantage Point of Sale—the
most powerful POS tool in the industry! Combining
incredible flexibility and blindingly fast transactions

Sales: (336) 598-5934 | Visit Website