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Our Story

At BMI Merchandise, we’re in the business of fun!  And we take it pretty seriously!

BMI Merchandise, formerly known as Bonita Marie International, was founded in 1986 and has evolved to become the amusement industry's leader in redemption technology and a top distributor of products.

BMI supports the industry's most complete redemption merchandise range with proprietary technology that transforms the way these redemption products are selected, shipped and replenished.  Known as our Automated Merchandise Replenishment System, AMRS ™ aligns with every leading redemption POS system, ensuring accurate, efficient redemption merchandise management.

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Additionally, BMI's extensive product line features the trending themes, licenses and brands driving amusement play.  Our hands-on commitment to bring our customers a constantly changing mix of the finest electronics, novelties and toys - priced right, in stock and driving amusement revenue, define the company's mission.

BMI's product acumen applies to every amusement application - from redemption rooms and refills and individual items for virtually every game that dispenses a prize.  We also offer extensive merchandise options for corporate reward programs.

BMI's dedication to merchandise and technology are the reasons we've been recognized repeatedly by our industry partners and customers.  It's an outgrowth of our depth of product selection experience and ranking as the leading prize supplier to the nation's most progressive and prominent venues.

Our Mission: 

To provide seamless, end-to-end support and technological solutions for our customers

Our Values:

Constant Innovation… Partnership … Continuously Evolving… Quality End-to-End Solutions

Our Promise: 

We will constantly innovate to provide the foundation and create the solutions on which our clients can sustain and grow their business.