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Redemption Center Setup

Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting out with your first family entertainment center, BMI is here to help. We remove the guesswork out of setting up your center. Partnering with us ensures maximum revenue for your redemption center.

Step One: Floor Plan & Initial Layout

We analyze your floor plan and layout, and work with you to maximize your redemption center’s potential. We create digital plan-o-grams, merchandise "templates" that transform every wall, counter and section of the redemption area, and ensure that you and your customers are blown away by the results.

Step Two: 3D Rendering of Your Redemption Layout

Based on our initial audit of the store layout, we then digitally build the bones of the redemption space creating a
3D rendering to make your vision a reality. We review every wall, slat, grid, and bin for approval.


Step Three: Redemption Setup

Following approval, we get to work on fabricating all of
your display needs and any redemption area mill-work.
The best part? We will then come to your location to set it up.
A completely painless process that ensures you can focus on
what’s really important.

Redemption center setups, while great by themselves, are an important piece to an even grander puzzle--BMI's proprietary software AMRS. The AMRS system delivers one-stop, no-nonsense redemption center inventory management and expert customer support. Learn about this All-In-One Technology Solution now.